Plaza de Mulas

No Comments Written by Tam on 28/12/2012 in Aconcagua.

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Enjoying a rest day on day 6, having made it up to Plaza de Mulas. Day 2 up to Puente del Inca was amazing – I can’t upload photos right now, but it?s an amazing natural bridge the Incas used to use to cross the river, where warm water caused a build up of minerals creating some cool structures – the place isn’t just named for a laugh! Day 3 we did a short walk up to Confluencia where we stayed overnight and were met by a very friendly, welcoming team who fed us and made sure we were comfortable. The wind dropped and Day 4 we went for a 6 hour day walk up to the South Face – impressive wall that some crazy hardcore climbers have ascended via! Day 5 was an early (cold) start from Confluencia to pack the bags and tents for the mules to take at 7am before we had breakfast and headed off on an 8 hour walk up to base camp (here). Our guides have taken great care of us and kept up a good pace to make it here on time. They all seem to love their job and their energy never seems to wane – wish the rest of us could say the same!

Our group is 13 people plus 3 guides – 6 Brazilians – 2 couples and 2 more guys, 1 Russian girl, 1 Canadian guy, 1 Irish guy, 1 American guy, and 1 Spanish guy who made a summit attempt 2 years ago and made it as far as camp 3 before the group turned back due to high winds. An interesting, and very caring, bunch.

We have another 4 nights here, a hike tomorrow up Cerro Bonete, then a run up to camp 1 with equipment and supplies the day after before a 2nd rest day then a 4 day summit attempt. The wind has dropped quite a lot but is forecast to pick up again on Monday. We’ll wait and see a longer-term forecast before we leave here.

This place is pretty cool! We’re currently in the highest art gallery in the world, at 4300m, where Miguel Doura paints awesome pictures for 3 months of the year, every year. You can even find hot showers and a telescope!

It’s very warm in the sun, and very cold in the wind, and at night. Mostly recovered from the altitude so tomorrow’s stroll up to 5000m should be fun… hope xmas was good. Happy new year to all!

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