2 Comments Written by Tam on 01/09/2012 in Andes-Trail.

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4 spectacular, but rather tough, days through the Huascaran National Park with impressive Puya Raimondi plants, a bunch more unpaved trails, 3 bushcamps – one at 4200m, the highest pass of the trail at 4885m, and a final 110km day with a 1200m climb followed by a rather treacherous 2000m descent. Back down at about 2000m now and feeling slightly better for it, although the late night drinking and dancing to see Lucho off left a few of us feeling a little worse for wear this morning…

The next couple of days are big ones – tomorrow is 120km with a 2611m climb, followed by 141km and a 863m ascent – so we will be having the next rest day a day early in Tarma.

10 degrees South now. Awesome stars from the high bushcamp – the Southern Cross isn’t much above the horizon yet though.

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  • Rob Waghorn on September 2nd, 2012 at 20:59

    Sounds like you managed to ride over the 4855 metre climb, I hope so. It is really wild isn’t it? I think on the 3rd you are riding to Cerro de Pasco which is another hard day but that is what the Andes trip is all about. Hope you carry on enjoying every part of the trip. Cheers Rob

  • Tam on September 4th, 2012 at 14:12

    I did, thanks Rob, although only saw your message afterwards – as did Malcolm and he was sick that day :( When you say ‘ride’, i have to admit there was a lot of walking for the last part of those high passes – some of the corners were so steep and gravelly that nobody could catch there breath at that altitude! Still, worth every moment, you were right! And an awesome downhill finish – what a day!