One Comment Written by Tam on 04/09/2012 in Andes-Trail.

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Phew! A couple of tough and long days, a massive climb up to, and a cold night in, Cerro de Pasco (the “highest city in the world”), lots of alpacas and curious vicuñas, 115km cycling at 4200m to take your breath away before a 25km downhill finish to 3000m for a rest day.

Our favourite Peruvian (well, a close 2nd – after Susana!), Lucho, was cycling with us for 8 days from Trujillo, but finally had to leave us in Huanuco so we had a great night out dancing to see him off :) Things have been a little quieter without him around for the last couple of days. Maybe things are just quieter because Ricardo’s girlfriend, Christine, has joined us and has had a major calming influence on him? 😉

11.4 degrees South now and a couple of long unpaved sections coming up which will be tough…

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