Maccu Picchu

One Comment Written by Tam on 19/09/2012 in Andes-Trail.

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Woo! So 4 tough days: an awesome bushcamp in a Eucalyptus forest; followed by a 40km unpaved descent (then 20km ascent) to Abancay; a 118km day with 2459m climb, and our first major downpour, to a lovely hostel in Limatambo where we couldn’t all stay inside so some camped or bivvied outside in the gardens, and had cuy (guinea pig) from the local cuy farm for dinner; then a final short 78km, 1479m ascent (yes, I just described that as ‘short’!?) to Cusco for 3 much anticipated “rest” days.

So at 8am this morning we caught the bus for a scenic tour out of Cusco, past the Sacsayhuayman archaelogical site (Inca temple and terrace remains), through llama and alpaca farms, a fantastic buffet lunch, past Pisac (an old Inca town that’s still inhabited), visited Ollantaytambo and climbed the terraces to see the temple at the top, past the water fountains and channels, before finally catching the train up to Maccu Picchu station in Aguas Calientes. Tomorrow the trains start running at 0530, or the gate opens at 0500 for us to walk up (about an hour walk) to hopefully see the sunrise from the top. Some ‘rest days’ 😉

We feel like proper gringos wandering around with our tour bus and cameras in towns full of other gringos, decent coffee shops, and stalls full of tourist junk. I also finally managed to get an Inca Kola t-shirt. However, it takes the fun out of bartering when the shop assistant responds in English ;(

13 degrees South… I learnt the other day that the Tropic of Capricorn runs through Northern Australia. Woah, that country is huge, and much further north than I ever imagined… subsequent research shows that we’re already just south of the most northerly tip, and even Darwin.

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One Comment

  • Rob Waghorn on September 20th, 2012 at 14:39

    Visited Maccu Picchu many years ago so gave it a miss on The Andes trip but enjoyed re-visiting Cusco a lot. It is a fabulous place with so much character. We were only due to stay 2 days last trip but there were big strikes on and the Maccu Picchu trip got extended because of the problems, so we had 3 days there too, which I was really pleased about. I remember the night at the Eucalyptus forest and the fantastic descent the next day, one of the many superb off-road descents that there were on the trip. The climb on the guinea pig day was a lovely one and fabulaous views. Our guinea pig arrived only partly cooked so I never tried it, but I cannot say I was that bothered either!!
    Hope you continue to enjoy the trip and La Paz is another fantastic city awaiting you. Cheers Rob.