La Paz

One Comment Written by Tam on 29/09/2012 in Andes-Trail.

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The highest capital in the world… two days off after a few beautiful days cycling alongside Lake Titicaca with spectacular views of the snowcapped Cordillera Reals. Nothing too tough except for the mad downhill on a sub-optimal road surface, and many fast, crazy drivers, down into La Paz… which I might add was incident free this year (the previous 2 trails have seen such injuries as broken collarbones on this section!).

I meant to say as we left Cusco we saw Monique, Johan and Chris Brown off – thanks for some awesome company guys! – and were joined by Tim (Aussie cyclist), Michelle (US cyclist who was supposed to start in Quito but injured herself so only just joined us), Jaap (Dutch chef), and Alberto (Susana’s friend from Aruquipa, who joined us for 3 days of cycling).

Sadly Kees (one of the Dutch cyclists) has decided to leave us as he misses his family, so heads home tomorrow. As does Tim, who cycled through the Pyrenees a month ago with Bike Dreams, and whose farm and sheep need his attention more than the salt flats of Bolivia. Farewell to both of them. It’s sad to see them go :(

However we gain Paul (Anna’s Dad, who cycled part of the trail 2 years ago) and Bob (another Aussie, also known to the Bike Dreams crew), so hopefully some good characters to fill the gaps.

We now have a long stint of 7 days before the next rest day, and some of those are long and tough. Here’s hoping for good weather, good health and good luck all round!

16.5 degrees South so far!

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One Comment

  • Rick E on October 2nd, 2012 at 17:47

    Still following you- sounds like a terrific trip. I’m sure you’ll be unutterably heartbroken to miss the upcoming Hulme reunion in Manchester next month…hmmm.

    Keep writing