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Yes! We’re alive! Although getting this uploaded given the quality of internets here is quite the challenge. The last 7 days have been pretty cool – both figuratively and literally! My knobbly tyres are back on and there’s been a bunch of rough tracks.

The most notable stops were the bushcamps, at the “bus accident” where a bus crashed in 1998 and the shell of the bus, and graves of a Belgian, Dutch and Israeli sit beside the road; then the following night at a ~1km across meteor crater.

The third bushcamp was on the edge of the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt lake, and the next morning we cycled 38km across the salt to the Isla de Pescado in the middle for lunch. It was a very rough surface (presumably churned up by the recent rain) and hard going, but an awesome novelty and felt so much like being on ice. Another 64km followed on a much smoother surface, following the route that the tourist coaches used, to the east of the lake and to a salt hotel where we spent the night.

Yesterday we did a time trial across the last 6.5km of the salt lake, setting off at 1 minute intervals in reverse ranking order. All just a bit of fun really – surprising how nerve racking it was! A final rough 28km and a huge nail in my tyre so a replacement tube, saw us into Uyuni for a rest day.

2.5 cycling days left until Argentina; 20 degrees South!

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One Comment

  • Rob Waghorn on October 8th, 2012 at 12:11

    Glad to hear you all got there safe. As I am sure you have heard there were 3 of us who had bad accidents before Uyuni last time. One guy who hit a donkey was lucky enough to carry on the ride to Ushaia after a few days rest a recuperation. Another Dutch guy and I both broke bones so had to quit. I did mine just 10K from the Salt Lake and had to ride across it in the truck which was a big disappointment. So well done and glad you are still enjoying the trip.