No Comments Written by Tam on 24/10/2012 in Andes-Trail.

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6 days of northern Argentina full of vineyards, lots of tasty wine, barbecues, campsites, long, dull, undulating, straight roads, and 500km of Ruta 40, which runs almost the entire length of Argentina. 3 days ago we had a ‘bushcamp’ at some hot springs – awesome showers! 2 days ago we did 160km (~100miles) in one day – Ghilly’s 60th birthday! and yesterday saw another 120km into a strong headwind all day. Sore knees led us in to one of our final hotels here in Chilecito for a relaxed rest day.

Another 6 days of cycling now until Mendoza, and then apparently it starts getting cooler and maybe more windy. Let’s make the most of the good climate until then! :)

29 degrees South…

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