June 2008 – GR20, Corsica

No Comments Written by Tam on 11/01/2009 in past expeditions, walking.

Day 12 (Refuge de Tighjettu - Refuge d'Asco Stagnu)Eating cheese in a mountain hut in France as we neared the end of the TMB last year, with a Turkish dude who didn’t like cheese, led to us finding out about the toughest long-distance trail in Europe.
Adie, Phil, Pink and I walked the 180km trail with 10000m of ascent over 16 days, south-north (Conca to Calenzana), saving the most fun and spectacular parts to the end, including the Cirque de la Solitude (day 12) and a day’s detour to take in Monte Cinto (2706m, day 13), Corsica’s highest mountain.
A challenging but incredibly fun walk which I would highly recommend, along with the local chestnut beer (Pietra) and Torra if you can track it down.

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