March 2009 – snow Ben Macdui

No Comments Written by Tam on 22/03/2009 in past expeditions, walking.
Adie with 2 axes so I can get the camera out

Following the christening of crampons in a white out to summit the UK’s highest mountain last March, we headed out for the UK’s 2nd highest, Ben Macdui in the Cairngorms, Eastern Highlands, Scotland. We staying at Aviemore SYHA, which is one of the best Youth Hostels I’ve stayed at, and headed out from Cairn Gorm ski centre car park at 9am in the sunshine with a forecast of 70% chance of cloud free summits, to ascend into thick cloud, cold temperatures, an increasing wind, soaking rain, and poorer and poorer visibility until we could no longer even make out the footprints at our feet that we were following. We made it there and back though – in fact we made it all the way out without even digging out the GPS, and just walking blindly into the white on a compass bearing. 3.5 hours each way if you fancy it.

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