Aug / Sept 2010 – Alta Via 2, Dolomites, Italy

No Comments Written by Tam on 10/09/2010 in past expeditions.

Adie and I headed over to the Dolomites in north east Italy for a bit of via ferrata fun on Alta Via 2. It’s a good idea not to try these routes early in the season, especially #2 which is ~2500m and so many of the passes are susceptable to lots of snow/ice and are steep and tricky when slippery. That said, leaving it so late we caught a few early snowfalls and noticed a lot of ice, especially early in the mornings on the higher cols. The steep-sided, exposed narrow ledges (not always “aided” with hand-rail cables) are not really ideal for wet/icy conditions, especially if you’re a bit chicken like me. We got rained off the last couple of days, but otherwise had an awesome time as the blog updates and photos should reflect :) We’ll no doubt go back and finish the last couple of days, either when we go walk AV1 (which is apparently equally as fun but slightly less exposed and on average 1000m lower) or when we’re next in the Alps or so and have a couple of spare days.

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