Oct 2011 – Sierra Nevadas, South East Spain

No Comments Written by Tam on 29/10/2011 in past expeditions.
Adie, path behind

Adie and I headed out on a rehab trip to make sure my knee was fixed and to see how much snow was about yet in the Sierras at this time of year. The answer is: enough to make the ridges tricky, and not enough to make them easy to walk over the tops of ;( Had a couple of crappy weather days but still a good bit of blue sky and sunshine, a couple of sub-zero nights out under canvas, and topped off with a proper blizzard night out. Made it up over 3000m, checked out some of the unusual SN mountain huts (and ruins of some of the older ones), gained a new appreciation for why the range is often compared to Scotland in terms of weather conditions, and made it out alive. Plus my knee did just fine.

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