Aug – Dec 2012 – The Andes Trail, South America

One Comment Written by Tam on 12/01/2013 in past expeditions.

With a generous leave of absence of 6 months (thanks boss!) I got the opportunity to join Bike Dreams for their Andes Trail 2012 tour of South America – starting at the equator, just north of Quito in Ecuador, and finishing after 138 days, 106 stages, 108,036 metres of climbing, and 10,937 km, through 5 countries, at Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, at the southern tip of Argentina.

Obviously I didn’t walk this one, but took my mountain bike, and saw so much of an amazing mountain chain, different countries, cultures, food, drinks, scenery, weather, temperatures, met some fantastic people, and learnt a lot. My blog for the duration is archived, and photos will be up shortly.

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