New Year 2012/13 – Aconcagua

No Comments Written by Tam on 12/01/2013 in past expeditions.

Not long after finishing the epic cycling trip through the Andes, we headed back up to Mendoza to attempt to reach the summit of Aconcagua. The season to date had been very unsettled with unusually high winds, but they dropped and gave us a reasonable shot. Rapid ascent through the higher camps, however, left me struggling with the altitude and so I called it a day at camp 3 (6000m). It still made for an awesome adventure, and I have every intention of returning in the next couple of years for another shot. I used 7summits who actually use the local guiding, porters and facilities of Aymara… all excellent and if I can get a different schedule (better acclimatisation) I’d use them again.

My blog for the duration is archived and photos will be up soon.

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